There is no denying that estate agents fees differ greatly. What you really need to ask yourself is what are you actually getting (or not getting) for the fee they charge. As much as everyone thinks estate agents are all the same, we can assure you we are not!

Firstly think what is important to you? Paying the cheapest fee or getting the best price for your home? Do you want to work with a motivated estate agent who is interested in you and marketing your home or an agent who treats the sale of your property as the same as every other sale? Estate agents who charge more usually do so for a reason! The money spent on marketing your home means they are creating more opportunities for you. This tends to result in your home selling faster and in some cases for a higher price.

Of course everyone want a good deal, however when you choose an estate agent who is going to be responsible for the sale of your biggest asset it is important to pick the best you can afford. Ignore the fee to begin with. Think about who you would choose if they all charged the same, who is the best agent for your home?

Lednor & Company put our vendors first. Each of our clients are treated individually. We are here to help achieve the best price for your home and market your property in the most effective way. Could we help you? Call us now for a free no obligation valuation!