Good Things About Moving House!

When moving house, we all prepare ourselves for the worst – what could go wrong, what we might forget to organise, getting hot and bothered and all the unpacking BUT there’s so many good things to remember – here’s just a few of them…

  1. You get to drink champagne (with a valid reason).
  2. You get that satisfying feeling once you’ve unpacked and put away everything (you legend).
  3. You have a reason to make a cardboard box fort.
  4. You get to buy new decorative items (and give in to that cushion addiction).
  5. It’s completely acceptable for you to sit in each room for prolonged periods of time with a cuppa, just looking around, and nodding. Well done you – this is all yours.
  6. You’ve finally found that item you packed months ago and had accepted you just wouldn’t see again.
  7. You can play on Pinterest for hours and have a good reason for it.
  8. It’s an excuse to go through all your mix-match cutlery and buy new sets. You have never looked at the Ikea website this much in your life.
  9. It’s a good excuse to get all your friends round for a house warming.
  10. It’s an amazing chance to declutter.
  11. You’ve just gained some new friends in the form of your neighbours.
  12. You get to buy XXL bags of Daim Bars when you visit Ikea. Which will happen several times. By which time you’ll be addicted to Daim bars.
  13. You’ve got a new hobby to talk about with your partner, friends and family and this one is ever-changing and evolving, depending on how DIY-happy you get.
  14. Finding a new cupboard or storage space makes your heart soar , every time.
  15. Best of all, once all is said and done, boxes are unpacked and binned and your house is looking lived in, you can sit down, breathe a sigh of relief and know you don’t have to do that again anytime soon!