Crisis, what Crisis?

With the housing market playing such a pivotal role in our economy, estate agents from Lands End to Bishops Stortford to John O'Groats considered all the variables of a 'leave' or 'remain' vote.

So what's happened since?

Within 72 hours we'd agreed sales on two properties that prior to 'Brexit' had been strangely ignored and we've agreed several other sales since, plus we've exchanged contracts on a number of pre-referendum running sales, so nothing negative at all, not even an 'inquiring phone call' from a nervous client.

It's not all about 'LEAVE'.

New listings 'REMAIN' popular, with multiple viewings, so buyers still outnumber the supply of houses.

Mortgage interest rates 'REMAIN' at their lowest level in history and rumoured to go lower still.

London and Cambridge 'REMAIN' easily accessible to commuters.

Schools in Bishops Stortford 'REMAIN' as sought after as they've always been.

Our point is, nothing has changed, so Lednor & Company is fully open for business and keen to help you with your sale or purchase.