An Open House in CHAOS!

Saturday 18th February was a busy day in the Lednor & Company office. We started out with a fully booked Open House and arrived at the property to find a lovely note from our vendor leaving us tea & cake whilst there for the morning. What a kind gesture! We were however, too busy to enjoy any cake unfortunately.


One of our Open House viewers travelling up from London had to cancel their appointment at short notice. We’ve heard some strange stories from viewers in the past but we could not believe it this time. They were unable to attend due to their car catching fire on the M11 on route to the property! The accident caused so much chaos that two lanes on the motorway needed to be shut. The story has actually made national headlines. We are happy to report all involved were unhurt and they returned home safely. As a result of the incident, some of the other viewers travelling from London got caught up after getting stuck in the traffic, meaning that they were late for their appointments. Luckily everyone still managed to attend resulting in a successful Open House. We think this one will stay in our memories for a long time! Check out the full story here: